Top 5 Places While Visiting Rome

The city of Rome is one of the most significant and enriching destinations on the planet.  The capital of Italy and its history, exude undiscovered places which become a true gem for archeologists.

Rome can be a vast maze for any first time or returning traveler as there are so many historic sites to take in.  To set in motion your itinerary, here are destinations which should be on any traveler’s must see list while in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

One of the most famous attractions is the Trevi Fountain.  This isn’t your typical fountain.

This baroque style water structure is featured in many films, and spans 20 meters (65 feet 71332 inches) wide and 26 meters (85 feet 3⅝ inches) high.

Engineers of that time completed the structure in 1762, which is considered modern times compared to other historic sites and structures in Rome.

Fable has it that if you turn your back to the fountain, make a wish, and using your right hand, over your left shoulder, throw a coin into the water, you are assured a return trip to Rome.

This destination is a hub for tourists so be prepared for large crowds.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum, though quite touristy, is the last of its kind, and in terms of size, remains the largest in Roman history.

It is a massive structure, with an oval design, standing 156 meters (510 ft / 528 Roman feet) wide; 189 meters (615 ft / 640 Roman feet) long; and utilizes 6 acres for its base.

In its prime, the amphitheatre could seat up to 50,000 spectators.  During the height of the Roman Empire – around 90 AD, it was used for a number of purposes including:  re-enactments of classic combats, animal hunts, mock sea combats, dramas which were based on Classical mythology, and probably most famous – gladiator competitions.

By the Middle Ages, the Colosseum was no longer used for this type of entertainment.

During Medieval and Modern times (6th – 17th centuries), the building was used as workshops, for bullfights, housing, a quarry, quarters for a religious order, and a Christian shrine.

When visiting this massive structure, be prepared for long lines, as it is a famous tourist destination and many, many tourists visit the structure daily.

The Pantheon

This building, which was built around 126 AD, was custom built by Marcus Agrippa as a temple, representing all the gods of ancient Rome.

The dome of the Pantheon is ranked as the largest unreinforced concrete dome, in the world.  It stands 43.3 meters (142 ft.)

This structure is a must-see while in Rome.  Located on the northeast side of the city, near the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, as compared to other ancient Roman buildings, has been very well preserved.

As this building has been occupied for over 2,000 years, you are treated to a step back in time, walking on marble floors that were meandered through by ancient Romans those many years ago.

The Pantheon is currently used as a church, and two of Italy’s kings, and a queen are buried here:  Umberto I and Vittorio Emanuele II, and Umberto’s Queen, Margherita.

Tours of Vatican City

There are so many wonderful and awe-inspiring sites to visit in Vatican City that it is most practical to enlist in a guided tour.

It’s one thing to marvel at historical sites, but to understand the significance and what you’re marveling at, is an entirely different intensity.

St. Peter’s Basilica is the central peak of a tour to Vatican City, primarily because it’s the world’s representation of this historical city-state.  This stunning Basilica is remarkable on a level that a small number of buildings and structures can contend with.

It may even be the highlight of your stay in Rome.

A tour will also help you find your way through the Vatican Museums.

Discover treasures from the East, Egypt, Etruria, ancient Roman sculptures, and the world-renowned painted ceiling – the Sistine Chapel.

St. Peter’s Basilica is the quintessential image of Catholicism, and of Vatican City itself.

It is utterly amazing and worth a visit no matter your religious beliefs.

Lastly, inspired by the book, Angels and Demons, by author, Dan Brown, the Angels and Demons Secret Vatican Tour is truly magnificent and worth a stop-over. 

Palantine Hill and the Roman Forums

Palantine Hill, Roman and Imperial Forums, are no longer present in its original glory.

But they are ruins which offer significant clues and insight into the Romans of old.     

Many visitors visualize themselves during ancient Roman times, amongst the Romans and how they lived.

There are numerous guide books such as the Oxford Archaeological Guide to Rome by Amanda Claridge, which can map out, offer pictures and diagrams to help transport you back in time, imagining the ruins as they once were during ancient Roman civilization.

Palantine Hill is also a great place to picnic and take in this historic site.

Rome is a place where you can taste the times gone by through its ancient sites, and culture.  Lose yourself in its iconic structures and become a part of the many that have discovered this remarkable revered city.

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